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We invite you to 'Think Adventure'

Credova exists because a group of people were given an opportunity to create something that hadn’t been brought to market before. As they watched, fintech services and buy now pay later providers popped up left and right. The industry coverage map appeared. An incredible adoption rate of this new technology was witnessed. It seemed merchants in all industries were implementing a BNPL service. And the customer response? Overwhelmingly positive. Who wouldn’t want to split their purchase total up into manageable monthly payments? Well actually, pretty much everyone wants that.

It became clear that huge gaps in the market existed, both in industry coverage, and consumer utilization. Not only that, but opportunities in creating better underwriting, reducing fraud, and building out under served markets existed. With a guiding principle of embracing adventure, Credova boldly took advantage of every opportunity available, and built a better product.

Credova developed a Buy Now Pay Later payment method that can go anywhere, do anything, and reach far into the credit spectrum while returning incredible results. We’ve created a product that more businesses and more shoppers can access than any other buy now pay later provider can.

With Credova, we face the challenge, and we think adventure.

Our Mission

Credova is a group of like-minded individuals who love the outdoors and the adventures it provides. We hold the special bond among friends and family created while experiencing the outdoors as one of the greatest joys in life, and we made a business of helping Americans experience this joy. Outdoor adventures such as fishing, hiking, skiing, hunting, camping, and motorsports, to name a few, and lifestyles like farming, ranch, and homesteading require equipment. This equipment is often expensive, and Americans sometimes need help spreading the payments for these enablers of joy over time.

This is Credova's mission.